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Cooling capacity of 2.4 L/h.

/ Low power consumption 5.01kWh/month

Sealing cock and pipe with non-toxic material

Cold and natural water

Equipped with compressor. More efficiency!

Technical Information:​


Choosing the installation location:
– Check that the purifier voltage matches the outlet voltage before installation;
– Keep the product protected from the sun and away from heat sources (stove, oven, etc.)
– In the final position, on a level base, leave a minimum distance of 15 cm between the purifier and any wall close to it.
– Do not overturn the purifier, if this happens, place it in the normal position for 24 hours before plugging it back into the socket.
– Install a pressure reducer in the hydraulic network whenever the water pressure is high or install the product in the water tank network;
– Change the filter every six months.
– After turning on the product, wait two hours until you get ice-cold water.



Install the purifier in the water network of your reservoir or water tank. If it is installed in the street water network, the consumer is required to check if the water pressure exceeds the maximum allowed, remembering that at night this pressure increases drastically due to low water consumption. Your purifier supports a maximum pressure of 490.3 KPa and a minimum pressure of 49.03 KPa, look for a professional you trust to check the water pressure in the place where the purifier will be, before the product is installed. Incorrect installation will void the warranty, and the manufacturer is not responsible for any damage that may occur.

1) With the purifier disconnected from the electrical network, connect the water inlet hose using the connection that comes with the product. To connect the product to the hydraulic network, close the valve and install the connection at the point of use (with thread seal), connect the hose to the connection.

2) Open the natural water tap and let it flow into a container. Due to the presence of fine activated carbon particles in the filter, the water may be slightly turbid. This situation is normal. For two minutes, remove water until it comes out crystal clear.

3) Close the natural water tap and repeat the procedure described above (item 2) with the chilled water tap. If no water comes out when you open the tap, it means that the ice water tank is not full. Wait with the faucet open until water flows normally.

4) Now connect your purifier to the electrical network, observing the correct voltage. After turning on your product, wait approximately two hours to get ice water

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