Linha de Bebedouros

Baby Inox

Simplicity, beauty and style. Made of stainless steel to last as long as you need!


2.4 L/h cooling capacity

Low power consumption 5.01 kWh/month

Accommodate 10L and 20L gallons

Sealing tap and tubing with non-toxic material

Cold and natural water

Equipped with compressor. More efficiency!


– Check that the drinking fountain voltage matches your home voltage before installation;
– Keep the product protected from the sun and the weather;
– Do not clean the drinking fountain with toxic products;
– Do not put any liquid other than water in the drinking fountain.
– After turning on the product, wait an hour until you get ice water.


– Check if the socket is working normally;
– Connect the product to the outlet according to its voltage;
– Clean the product with a clean, damp cloth;
– Put the gallon of water in the product and wait an hour to obtain ice water.
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Other products in the same line

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